June 2017

Biology challenges our intercultural theories.  That was one of the themes that stood out for me during the 4 days I spent in Dublin with about 400 other inter-cultural trainers, coaches and r

January 2017

Are you planning to grow your business in the Arab world?  Are you about to take up a new position in your company’s offices based in Dubai, Kuwait, Amman or Cairo?  Then you need to pay

August 2016

Last week we lost a very dear friend and an extraordinarily special soul, Abdallah Said, who left this world after a brave four and a half year struggle with a vicious

June 2016

The sighting of the new moon marks the start of Ramadan.  This is the time when your Cultural Intelligence will prove extremely valuable.

May 2016

After resisting for a while, I have finally succumbed to my own advice and have just joined the blogosphere.

May 2016

Even the most seasoned can sometimes let their cultural intelligence slip.  When we are under stress or pressure we tend to revert back to our default setting – or