Arabic word meaning to look towards; to aspire to with calm and serenity.


Our aim is to help you distinguish yourself from the crowd – by raising your Social and Cultural Intelligence and enabling you to float with ease and confidence from one situation to the other while...

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Research shows there is more than a literal truth to the saying you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We promote excellence, and work to break the perception that refined social skills is a luxury.

Through an interactive and engaging learning experience, we help our clients to distinguish themselves by raising their Social Intelligence, enabling them to float from one situation to the other with ease and confidence, while building fruitful relationships with people from different cultures. 

We are not a training centre and we do not offer any public courses. We work directly with businesses - large and small - and with government organisations as well as individuals.  We value the individuality of people, acceptance of the other and mutual respect.

In line with Yarnu’s bespoke approach and focus on helping organisations build and strengthen a corporate culture that is capable of delivering the desired results, in July 2016, Yarnu partnered with Alderbrooke Group.  Using the CultureScope® tool to scientifically measure behaviour, we provide decision makers with detailed and focused solutions to a variety of issues.  We work together to build a culture that enables organisations to attract and retain their ideal employees and achieve their ultimate objectives.

YARNU is the first in the region to specialize in Business Protocol and Inter-Cultural Intelligence for the Middle East. We follow a personalised, practical approach based on "YARNU’s 4Ds" methodology to ensure that we meet the requirements of our multi-cultural clients.  

Our experienced team of topic experts and our flexible and practical approach enable us to conduct our sessions at a variety of venues.

Founding Director

Author, Social and Cultural Intelligence coach, Rana Nejem started out her career as a broadcast journalist. After working with CNN during the First Gulf War, she moved to the Royal Hashemite Court where she was responsible for the International Media Department for 2 years. Rana then moved into the field of communications and public relations leading the public diplomacy and communications work of the British Embassy in Amman for 18 years.

Since setting up Yarnu, Rana has been coaching, training and advising business executives, diplomats and officials helping them refine their professional profile, increase the impact of their personal presence and raise their inter-cultural intelligence.  Certified in CultureScope, Rana has been working with the team at Alderbrooke to analyse and interpret data which is used as the basis for introducing targeted interventions helping clients in the Middle East region align their staff behaviour and attitude with the organisation’s values and objectives. 

Her first book When in the Arab World; An Insider's Guide to Living and Working with Arab Culture was published in May 2016.  Rana is regularly invited to speak on the subject of cross-cultural communications. 

Rana carries a Masters degree in International Communications and Negotiations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and is certified as an International etiquette consultant by the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy in London.  Rana was also trained by The Protocol School of Washington in International Protocol Management, and is a certified coach in Inter-Cultural Intelligence.

“Technology does not run an enterprise, relationships do.”
“Good manners and soft words have brought many a difficult thing to pass.”
Sir John Vanbrugh
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Haif Bannayan
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When in the Arab World

In today’s world, being culturally intelligent is no longer a luxury, it is a skill that is crucial for business people, diplomats, students and just about anyone who travels for work or leisure.

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